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Remembrance & Memory Lamps 

The gift that lasts a lifetime.
Welcome to In Lieu of Flowers, a unique and meaningful alternative to flowers for bereavement and life's milestones.

In Lieu of Flowers was born along the path of healing in my own personal and emotional journey of bereavement.  The passing of both my parents just one year apart has affected me more deeply than I could ever have imagined.

Nothing can replace flowers or plants at a wake or funeral. Yet, after the funeral is over and the flowers have died, all that is left is emptiness.  The gift of light helps brighten the darkness that is left by the death of a loved one.  A remembrance lamp provides healing, comfort and warmth for those learning to live without that special person in their lives.  
Recipients find solace in the light that shines in the absence of the body.
Although our main focus is bereavement and the healing of the living through the celebration of a loved one's life and spirit, we also offer our lamps in memory of the loss of a pet, as well as wonderful gifts to memorialize and celebrate milestones such as birthdays, weddings, births, new homes, anniversaries, graduations and retirements. In addition, we can also accommodate corporate gifts. 
Many people find strength in symbolism.  For this reason, all of our items have some sort of quiet, special meaning.  The lamps in and of themselves reflect the spirit of the person or occasion we want to remember or celebrate but many of the lamps offered here have additional features, such as dragonflies, butterflies and birds.  In addition to lamps, we carry other items that may help in the grieving process or may even start new family traditions, including wish kits, true bayberry candles and hearth crickets, to name a few.
Each lamp is beautifully wrapped and comes with a personalized card.  The sentiment of each card reflects the meaning of the lamp.  Any additional symbolism is also included.
In light, may the memory of your loved one continue to shine.


Wishing you the very best of everything,


Nothing is worth more than this day

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